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Your Instructor - David Lehman

 My love for learning and experiencing Tai Chi began some 30 years ago. Originally drawn to the martial arts, I had the good fortune of meeting and training with several masters in the art!  As training progressed, it became clear to me that Tai Chi is way more than just a martial art.  In 2010 I completed the Integral Institute of Qigong and Tai Chi 200 hour teacher training program that is focused on sharing the profound health and well-being benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong.  Since then I have continued a teaching practice at Dutchess Community College, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck,  Community TCE classes in New Paltz NY, Valley Vista assisted living,  and private lessons/workshops as requested. 


What people are saying

My first exposure to Qigong/Tai Chi was  from David Lehman while I was attending a workshop at the Omega  Institute.  It was so life-changing that I have not started a day since  without  doing at least a 20 minute routine.  It centers, grounds, and focuses  me for the day, my teaching, and my yoga practice and I am integrating it  into my mindfulness and yoga instruction.  

Donna C. Kester Phillips Ph.D.

Niagara University

When I first started engaging in Tai Chi practice, I was in rehab for  a trying, nearly ten year battle with alcohol and drug addiction. The  road to recovery has not been easy, and aside from being physically and  emotionally withered I found myself feeling  disconnected spiritually once the drugs and drink where removed from my  life. Through a very practical and engaging teaching style,  David helped me navigate a variety of Tai Chi forms and other healing  practices until I eventually formed a daily practice that  has truly enriched my life in all areas. His passion and mastery for his art form have truly made for a quality experience.

Anonymous student  

Dave has been leading the Tai Chi program at Valley Vista for a number of years now.  The weekly and bi-monthly programs have been a major success with our clients who enjoy the many mind-body benefits of practicing Tai Chi.

Barbara Helfer

Valley Vista, Director of Activities


  1. Is Tai Chi and Qigong safe for all ages?  Yes, these practices are very gentle and can be modified to meet most people's limitations.  As with all exercise programs it is advisable to talk with your doctor before starting a practice.
  2. What happens if I practice and I don't quite remember how to do it?  Don't worry, you really can't 'do it wrong' just relax and do what you remember.  As you continue on with classes and or a workshop you will refine and learn more of the practice.
  3. How often should I practice?  A brief daily practice is more beneficial than being a 'weekend warrior'.  Qigong means energy or breath PRACTICE.
  4. How will I benefit from the practice? These practices were designed to prevent illness and optimize function.   Every health challenge can benefit from consistent gentle practice.